Year 2


Teacher : Ustadha Riffat (Monday to Wednesday) and Ustadha Attia (Thursday and Friday).

Teaching Assistants : Ustadha Thasnima (Monday and Tuesday) and Ustadha Shazia (Wednesday to Friday). 





 Welcome to Year 2!

We are looking forward to all the fantastic learning that we will be doing in Year 2 this year. We aim to make the learning in Year 2: creative, interactive and as practical as we can!

Some class information is as follows:

  • Our P.E day is Thursday  so please do remember to send your child in their P.E kit on this day.
  • We will send out weekly homework which will consist of: a spelling list for your child to practise, a reading book, either a math game on ActiveLearn (Your child's log in details will be stuck into their Homework books) or they will have a math's sheet in their books.
  • Please do support your child to think of and write out sentences of at least 5 of their spelling words. Support them to look up the meanings of any of their spelling words that they do not know the meaning of.
  • Homework will be given to your child on Friday's and we expect it back in school by Thursday. Please ensure that your child has their book bags in by Thursday ready to take their homework home on Friday.
  • Spelling tests for year 2 will be on a Friday.
  • Your child will get termly homework, which will be a homework grid where your child will get a choice of what homework they would like to complete and present.


 Our Topic for this term is ALL ABOUT ME 


Below are the Topic Page and the Homework choices for Year 2 this Half Term. 

The grid below is a table of homework activities relating to our topic. You must choose at least FOUR but if you wish to do more, then that’s brilliant! You have until 25th October to finish your four pieces of homework. Have fun choosing and we look forward to seeing your finished work!

Monster Phonics

We have started learning Phonics through a new scheme called Monster Phonics. Please click on the logo below for more information.


Our sound of the week is

'Magic C'




 Spelling lists

In year 2 we have 3 spelling groups. Each week your child's spelling list will consist of 5 spelling words taken from the sound of the week and 5 high frequency words that children need to practise. Children will receive their spelling lists on Friday's and will have their spelling test the following Friday. Every week you will receive a slip with your child's spelling result and the words they need to practise. 

Next weeks words are as follows (Please ask your child which group they are in)

Clever cookies:

Ice cream, policeman princess, rhinoceros, sentence, how, did, man, going, where.

Whizz kids: 

fancy, palace, twice, slice, sauce, how, did, man, going, where.

Brain boxes:

nice, rice, city, race, ice, he, of, it, was, you.