Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 . Make sure you keep visiting our page in order to keep updated.                                

Class Teacher: Ustada Sumira         Teaching Assistant: Ustada Ameera

General Information about Year 3:  We use the National Curriculum as a general guide; it allow lots of creativity in order to make learning challenging, fun and interesting! Now that the children are in Key Stage 2 they have the opportunity to engage in many more activities that the rest of the juniors take part in. 

English: Children have many opportunities to expand their vocabulary through a range of reading activities. This assists their ability to write creatively about settings, characters and events. They learn about poetry, reports and play scripts which they then have the chance to perform as part of their speaking and listening.

Maths: This year we will be implementing Big Maths. We have fun by challenging the children to work with numbers up to 1000, get used to mental maths and know their times tables by heart. We hope to learn about fractions, additions, division, place value, solving simple number problems, doubling and halving. Among other things, by the end of the year, the children should be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes, recognise right angles and lines of symmetry, and use pounds and pence!

Science: In Term 1 we will cover Human Nutrition at the same time we will also cover Movement and Feeding. 

PE: Pupils have PE timetabled twice per week through which we develop core skills to enable children to become well rounded sportsmen and women as set out in the National Curriculum.

Art: Children further their skills through collage, painting, drawing and printing. In Design Technology they apply their understanding of how to strengthen, stiffen and reinforce more complex structures. Art and DT are linked to the other curriculum areas.

Circle time/ Golden time: Encourages them to think about friendships and to learn about responsibility. Golden time takes place on Friday afternoons where children are permitted to bring in one toy from home.

Trips: Each term we try our best to take the children on an educational trip. 

Here are the objectives that will be covered for our topic 'Romans & Celts'. 



Below are the activities that children will engage in

Quick links to websites used regularly to help the children with their learning.


Active Learn:

Handwriting Practice:





 The next spelling test will take place on Monday 4th June 2018