Year 5

Teachers: Ustadha Naeela (Mon-Tues) and Ustadha Sonya (Wed-Fri)


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu,



Here you can find the latest information on the exciting topics we are learning about, homework, trips, PE days, special visitors and much more.




PE for Year 5 takes place on Wednesdays.

Please ensure your child wears their PE uniform and black trainers on this day.


Our Trips

Year 5 had their first educational trip on Wednesday 20th September 2017

We visited the National Showcaves Centre for Wales (Dan -Yr-Ogof) where we took a tour of 3 amazingly breathtaking caves (SubhanAllah) and visited the Dinosaur park, the fossil house, the iron age village and the farm/playground. It was a great day out with lots to take in and appreciate. 

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Year 5 photos of the day:


Our trip to the Royal Regiment Museum (Brecon)

On Monday 15th January we attended a World War II workshop in Brecon.

The children had a great time experiencing what life was like during World War II. They learnt about evacuees , rationing, home life, the air raid warden's job and the Blitz. They experienced what it was like to be in the Anderson shelter during a night raid.

The children had a great learning experience!





Our topic for Autumn 1 was DINOSAURS & FOSSILS

In this topic we learnt about:

  • Different dinosaurs, their fossils, habitats, feeding and movements
  • Process of fossilisation
  • Mary Anning and her discoveries in palaeontology
  • Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution
  • Islamic perspective on evolution


Our topic for Autumn 2 was DIGITAL MINDS

In this topic we learnt about:

  • Digital advancements in the last century
  • Key information about inventors and entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others 
  • How to use the common Microsoft software packages
  • Programme our own games using coding


Our topic for Spring 1 was WORLD WAR II

In this topic we learnt about:

  • The sequence of events during World War II
  • The impact on the lives of children and women during the war
  • Evacuees and rationing during the war
  • The London and Swansea Blitz


Our topic for Spring 2 was LIFE CYCLES

In this topic we learnt about:

  • Plant life cycles
  • Animal life cycles
  • Investigate factors in growing healthy plants
  • Human life cycle


Our topic for Summer 1 is WONDERS AROUND THE WORLD

In this topic we will learn about:

  • The different natural and man made wonders of the world
  • What makes something a 'wonder'
  • Different cultures around the world
  • Foods and traditional clothes from around the world
  • Climates and time zones


The Topic Page:





 Well done to all who has completed and presented their power point presentation on the Dinosaurs! What a fantastic first effort by all the children! 

  About year 5's homework:  Year 5 are given various types of homework to consolidate their learning in school. We would really appreciate your help and cooperation in this. 

  • Weekly- Children get weekly Qur'an memorisation, reading, spelling and maths homework (usually sumdog). Arabic homework will be given as and when needed. 
  • Half termly- Children will be given a homework grid every half term, which corresponds with activities and tasks to do related to their current topic. The children can choose when to do their taska but do remind them every now and then, so they don't rush it during the last weekend. 
  • Holidays- Children will get a piece of homework to do over the holidays to prepare them for the next topic.






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