Welcome to Reception class - Busy Bees




Teacher: Ustadah Nagina 

Teaching Assistant:   Ustadah Hafsa & ustadah Ayesha 



Assalamu'alaikum warakhmatullahi wabarakatahu,

Welcome to our reception class here at Cardiff Muslim Primary School.

We aim to provide a wonderful learning environment for the children in the Foundation Phase, that is full of care, fun and excitement! We have many enjoyable activities, learning experiences and learn through a variety of exciting topics in reception class. We’ll be learning and memorising essential prophetic duaa’s and will be praying Dhuhr salaat in congregation on a daily basis, in sha Allah.


Autumn term 1- 'All About Me'

We are so excited to have you all on board!


We have our fantastic topic ‘All About Me!’ in this first half of autumn term. Through the story of Adam A.S we’ll be learning about diversity, inclusion and respect and how beautifully Allah has created us all of different colours, shapes and sizes and how we all originally belong to the same grandparents, subhanAllah!


Through a variety of enhanced hands-on activities we’ll be learning about health, hygiene and our families in our stimulated classroom environment. We’ll be chopping veg to make stew in the mud kitchen, making tally’s of our favourite fruit to encourage social interaction and carry out experiments on the importance of hygiene. Learning about our senses will be heaps of fun! We’ll be exploring the local greens using our five senses and carrying out a variety of experiments and free choice activities. The mood monsters will help us to understand and regulate our emotions and help us to slowly build emotional intelligence. The doctor’s role play and fruit and veg market will encourage communication, imaginative role play, social interaction, and help us build new friendships, in sha Allah. Through our doctor’s role play we’ll also understand the importance of looking after each other and recognise the roles of people who help us. We’ll learn to use money to buy and sell in our fruit and veg market and understand the importance of healthy eating. 


We’ll be exploring our outdoor, literacy, maths and investigation areas with a variety of activities to keep us busy with independent and enhanced learning. We have lots to discover and learn… Please login to Class Dojo for further information. 


On this page we will be providing you with information about the topics covered and the homework choice board, click on the links below for further information. Please note, reception class have their PE every Wednesday, please ensure they wear the correct kit; grey jogging bottoms and black trainers for the lesson. Please ensure ALL ITEMS of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name (ideally stitched so it does not fade in the wash) as we have many unclaimed uniform items across the classes. 



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Mid Term planning 'All About Me‘ 




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High Frequency Words Phase 2: please click here



   In reception we follow a high quality Phonics program called Monster Phonics. Please Click the Icon to access some information about letters and sound.

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